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Bag dust collector with compound fertilizer

A compound bag filter consists of several boxes, each box on the side of the outlet pipe on the cylinder driven lift valve.

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  • A compound bag filter consists of several boxes, each box on the side of the outlet pipe on the cylinder driven lift valve. When the resistance of the dust collector reaches the preset value (generally 1500Pa), the dust removal controller sends a signal. The lift valve of the first chamber begins to close to cut off the filter flow. The box's pulsed electromagnetic valve (one per box) is then opened and compressed air at a pressure of 5-7 kg /cm2 is poured into the chamber to clean up the dust on the filter bag.When this action is completed (about 10-15 seconds), the lifting valve on the outlet pipe is reopened, making the chamber enter the filter state again, and each box is cleaned according to the above process in turn. The air box pulse bag filter adopts the separate box type to clean the dust. When cleaning the dust, it is separated by the box and carried out in rotation, avoiding the dust secondary emission problem of the spray-blown pulse bag dust collector and ensuring the efficiency of cleaning the dust.The whole box body design adopts the integral structure of import and export main pipe, and the ash hopper can extend under the import main pipe, so that the soot gas directly enters the expanded ash hopper and achieves the effect of pre-dust collection, and eliminates the horizontal straight pipe that is prone to blockage.Therefore, the air box pulse-bag filter can not only process dust gas of general concentration, but also deal with dust gas of up to 1300g/Nm3 concentration.

    The combined fertilizer bag dust collector adopts the large caliber pulse valve in the box, which is blow-back to clean the ash. When changing the bag, the top cover can be opened to take out the filter bag directly, so the maintenance is simple and convenient.It avoids the tedious process of removing the nozzle and venturi pipe when changing the bag of the spray bag collector.


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