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Coal Mine Plant

Sep. 17, 2018

Coal mine dust collector is mainly used in coal mine and coal sales field, and its main function is to collect the dust in these places, and it is improved in the design to ensure the structure optimization and energy saving of coal washing plant dust collector.

Working principle of coal mine dust collector;

After the coal dust is broken, it is discharged to the receiving equipment (belt conveyor) at the lower part of the crusher via the chute. Due to a drop between the feeding port and the unloading port, the coal powder flow produces shear action with surrounding air. The air is sucked into the material flow, the coal powder flow gradually diffuses, and the dust is constantly flying outward due to mutual entrainment.At the same time, the belt of the conveyor has a movement speed, coal powder flow and the impact of the belt surface, instantly dust is raised at the unloading port, and the dust is flying around.The concentration of dust produced by the dust collector discharge port used in coal washing plant is related to the type of coal, the degree of dry and wet of coal, the size of chute drop and the movement speed of conveyor belt.

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