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Dust collector in stone plant

Sep. 17, 2018

The dust collector in stone plant has the advantages of first selecting the level of a new and efficient dust collector, which combines the advantages of the chamber back blowing and the pulse jet to clean the ash. Because of the particularity of the structure of dust collector in stone plant, the efficiency of dust removal is greatly improved and the service life of filter bag of equipment is prolonged. It is widely used in building materials, cement, metallurgy, mining and refractory industries. The bag dust collector used in stone plant has the advantages of simple structure, low cost of investment, simple and reliable operation and low technical requirements for management and maintenance.This kind of dedusting equipment has the characteristics of small resistance, high efficiency of dedusting, large air volume, stable performance, small area, simple structure, practical and cheap. After the dust gas is entered by the upper inlet of the ash hopper, the air flows upward and the velocity decreases under the action of the windshield, and part of the large particle dust is separated and falls into the ash bucket due to the action of inertial force.

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