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Bag Dust Removal Equipment Technology

Nov. 20, 2019

As a device for efficiently removing particulate matter, the Bag Type Dust Collector can completely reduce the emission of soot and dust, and is an important technical equipment for solving the dust emission of smoke. Taking the cement industry as an example, China's cement companies currently use bag-type dust collectors. Each new dry-process cement kiln can meet the dust discharge limit specified in GB4915-2013, that is, 0.15~0.30 kg of tonne clinker. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China's cement industry's particulate emissions in 2012 was 3.68 million tons, but it should reach 230,000 to 460,000 tons according to the new national standard, which is technically achievable. If 50% of the country's coal-fired boilers also use bag-type dust collectors, the power industry can reduce dust emissions by more than 1.2 million tons per year, which means that bag-type dust removal technology can fully support more stringent standards, and emission limits can be further Lowering will play a huge role in reducing particulate matter. Many domestic application cases show that bag filters can achieve more stringent particulate emission standards without increasing the cost and operating costs, as long as they are designed, manufactured, installed and operated in strict accordance with existing standards and specifications.

Bag Type Dust Collector

Bag Type Dust Collector

So what is the current status of bag filter equipment technology? The PPC Bag Type Dust Collector Manufacturer will be shared next.

The design and selection of bag filter has been changed from high filtration speed, high resistance and short life to high efficiency, low resistance and long life. It pursues the comprehensive effect of energy saving and emission reduction, which is embodied in the dry dust removal of blast furnace gas. Coal-fired power plant boiler flue gas dedusting, cement kiln kiln tail flue gas dedusting, waste incineration flue gas purification field rapidly promoted the application of bag type dust removal, and achieved remarkable results.

In the dust control project, the emission concentration is lower than 10mg/Nm3; the system resistance is lower than 1000Pa; the filter bag averages a good cleaning effect; the life of the pulse valve diaphragm is greatly extended, and it is common to use 3 to 5 years. It has been common to use a life span of more than 4 years. The pulse cleaning bag type dust removal technology has achieved good results in various industrial fields. The performance of the pulse valve of key components has surpassed that of foreign products in some aspects, thus obtaining the rapid enlargement of more bag type dust removal equipment for steel, Bag-type dust removal equipment for cement and electric power industries, many single-machine treatments have more than 2 million m3/h of flue gas, and the filtration area exceeds tens of thousands of square meters. Among them, the bag-type dust collector of the power industry has a maximum processing capacity of more than 300. Million m3/h, the filter area is mostly 40,000 to 50,000 m2. Of course, many new technologies have been injected at the same time as the equipment has been enlarged, and the bag dust collector has made significant progress in airflow distribution, airflow organization and reasonable body structure and safety. The manufacturing equipment and manufacturing technology of China's large bag filter have also made great progress, the scale is getting bigger and bigger, the equipment is more and more specialized, and many bag type dust removal processing enterprises have built CNC machining centers, which greatly improves the production precision. Special equipment and special processing machinery are widely used in the bag dust removal industry. The production of flower plates is laser cutting, and the multi-point welding machine is widely used in bag cage processing. In recent years, there is no bag dust removal processing enterprise in the world like China. The bag-type dust-removing enterprise has developed so fast and professionally, so it also drives the export of the bag filter and the external processing.

The above is the development status of bag filter equipment technology, I hope to help everyone. In addition, if you are interested in the dust collector, you can contact us, we produce a variety of types including Electrostatic Precipitator, bag filters and other dust collectors, welcome you.


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