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How To Do The Explosion-proof Work Of The Bag Filter?

Oct. 30, 2019

Bag Type Dust Collector should pay special attention to measures to prevent fire, explosion and fire accidents. When dealing with combustion gases or high-temperature gases, there are often incompletely burned dust, sparks, burning and explosive gases entering the system. Some dusts have the property of self-ignition or ignition, and at the same time, most of the materials of the filter materials All are easy to burn, friction is easy to accumulate static electricity. Under such operating conditions, there are dangers of burning and explosion accidents. The consequences of such accidents are often very serious. Fire and explosion protection measures should be considered well. So what should be done specifically? The PPC Bag Type Dust Collector Manufacturer will tell you.

Bag Filter

Bag Filter

The following technical measures are often used in bag filters:

(1) Explosion-proof structural design measures In the special design of the main body structure, in order to prevent the accumulation of flammable dust in the internal components of the dust collector, all beams, partition plates, etc. shall be provided with dustproof plates, and the slope of the dustproof plates shall be less than 70 degrees. . The angle of the ash bucket is greater than 70 degrees. In order to prevent the ash from being too small due to the angle between the two bucket walls, the two adjacent side plates should be welded with the slat plate to eliminate the deposition of dust, taking into account the abnormal operation and dust humidity. When the ash bucket is designed, the ash bucket is designed to increase the steam tube insulation or the tubular electric heater on the ash wall panel. In order to prevent ash hoppers, each hopper must also be equipped with a chamber arm vibrator or air cannon.

(2) The antistatic filter bag is used inside the dust collector, and an Electrostatic Precipitator is also generally used. Since the high-concentration dust rubs against each other during the flow, the dust and the filter cloth also rub against each other to generate static electricity, and the accumulation of static electricity generates sparks and causes combustion. For the pulse cleaning method, the polyester foam needle felt is used for the filter bag, and the static electricity is insufficient to eliminate the polyester needle felt. The conductive wire or carbon fiber is spun in the filter bag cloth. When the filter bag is installed, the filter bag passes through the steel frame. It is connected to the multi-well plate and connected to the grounding grid of the workshop through the housing. For anti-drying filter bags, various anti-static products such as MP922 have been developed. The effect is very good.

(3) Detection and fire-fighting measures In order to prevent this, the required fire-fighting measures can be taken on the dust removal system. Mainly temperature and CO detection.

(4) Equipment grounding measures Explosion-proof dust collectors are often arranged in the open air due to stable operation. Even in the open air on the tall steel structure, according to equipment grounding requirements, equipment grounding lightning protection has become an indispensable measure, but the dust collector generally does not have lightning rods.

(5) Explosion of accessory parts It is indispensable to select explosion-proof parts in the explosion-proof measures of the dust collector. The explosion-proof dust collector avoids the danger of explosion caused by the dust entering the electrical load during the operating conditions. When the electrostatic preloader is running, the electrical load, the component is in contact with the current, and even during the conduction, it is inevitable that the electric shock will be ignited. The discharge spark induces the explosion of the dust source gas exceeding the limit concentration. It is also very easy to happen. The electrical load components need to be all explosion-proof. Parts to avoid explosion induced factors. Ensure that the equipment is running and operating stably. For example, pulse valves for pulse dust collectors and solenoid valves for poppet valves should be explosion-proof.

(6) Prevention of Mars mixing measures In the bag type dust collector that treats exhaust gas such as wood chip boiler, rice husk boiler, aluminum circulating furnace and smelting furnace, the burnt dust in the furnace may enter the tank with the airflow of the air duct, so that the accumulation The dust on the filter cloth caught fire and caused an accident.

In special cases, spray towers, cooling tubes and pre-dusters are used in combination to prevent Mars from entering.

As long as the above points are completed, the dust explosion of the bag filter can be effectively prevented.


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