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The Working Principle Of Common Industrial Dust Collectors

Oct. 23, 2019

The dust collector is capable of separating dust from the flue gas, which is commonly used in boilers and industrial production. So do you know how a common dust collector works? PPC Bag Type Dust Collector Manufacturer to tell you.

1, bag filter

The dust gas enters the filter chamber from the lower open flange, and the coarser particles directly fall into the ash silo. The dusty gas is filtered through the filter bag, and the dust is retained on the bag surface. The clean gas is discharged into the clean room through the bag mouth, and is discharged by the fan. atmosphere. When the dust on the outer surface of the filter bag increases from time to time, the program controller starts to work, and the pulse valve is opened one by one, so that the tightening air passes through the nozzle to stop the cleaning of the filter bag, so that the filter bag suddenly shrinks, and under the action of the reverse air flow, the bag table is given. The dust quickly leaves the filter bag and falls into the ash bin, and the dust is discharged by the ash discharge valve.

2, Pulse Single Bag Dust Collector

It is mainly composed of upper box, middle box, ash bucket, inlet air flow tube, bracket filter bag, spray installation and ash discharge installation. The dust-laden gas enters each compartment ash hopper from the inlet air flow pipe of the dust collector, and under the diversion guide installation of the ash hopper, the dust of the large particles is separated and directly falls into the ash hopper, and the fine dust enters on average. The middle case is adsorbed on the surface of the filter bag, and the clean gas permeates the filter bag into the upper case and is discharged into the atmosphere through the off-line valves and the exhaust pipe. As the filtration condition stops, the dust on the filter bag accumulates more. When the resistance of the device reaches a limited resistance value (normally set to 1500 Pa), the differential pressure setting or the cleaning time is installed by the cleaning control. After the set value automatically closes the one-line offline valve, the electronically controlled pulse valve is opened according to the setting procedure, and the air-stopping pulse is stopped. When the air is tightened, the pressure inside the filter bag is increased, and the dust on the filter bag is stopped. Falling (even if the sticky dust can be thoroughly cleaned) to the ash hopper, it is discharged by the ash discharge mechanism.

3, explosion-proof dust collector

Due to the concentration of aluminum powder explosive dust, it is likely to explode or extinguish in the case of spark or static electricity.

Electrostatic Precipitator

Electrostatic Precipitator

Due to the explosion of aluminum powder, the more important factor is the concentration of aluminum powder. The more effective way to control the explosion of aluminum powder is to control the concentration of aluminum powder. The tool for controlling the concentration of aluminum powder in the device is a dust remover, and only the shot blasting machine has a good working condition, and the dust removing effect is good, and the aluminum powder concentration of the entire shot blasting machine device does not increase.

Therefore, ensuring the good dust removal effect of the dust removal device is the key to whether the device can operate normally. The quality of the dust removal effect depends mainly on the filtering data. When the filtering data is infested, the dust removal effect will be greatly reduced. When the ventilation and filtration of the filtered data are in good condition, the pressure difference between the static pressure chamber and the dynamic pressure chamber of the dust collector will be stabilized within a fixed range, so controlling the pressure difference of the dust collector is more effective for controlling the working state of the dust collector. method.

Based on this point, the main method of the explosion-proof dust collector is to install the differential pressure control device in the center of the shot blasting machine dust collector without vibration. When the shot blasting machine is working for a period of time, the pressure difference detected by the instrument is detected. The value will change. When the detected value exceeds the upper and lower limits, the differential pressure controller will control the cleaning mechanism of the filter bag of the dust collector. For example, the shock or back-blowing mechanism removes the dust on the surface of the filter. Ensure that the dust removal has a good working condition. When the automatic cleaning still fails to meet the request, the differential pressure controller will control the alarm and control the device to automatically shut down to prevent accidents.

The above is the working principle of several common dust collectors. If you are interested in the dust collector, you can contact us, we can provide you with a series of various dust collectors including Electrostatic Precipitator. welcome.


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