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Saudi Arabia ore crushing plant using environmental - friendly production of cloth bag dedusting equipment good effect

Sep. 18, 2018

Our company designs and manufactures the cloth bag dedusting equipment for Saudi Arabia ore crushing plant.I plant production mine broken bag dust removal equipment implementation design, production, installation, after-sale one-stop service, your choice is the first step of our cooperation!

The crushing cloth bag dedusting equipment in mine is used to treat the perforation, drilling, blasting, loading and crushing in the crushing open mining or underground mining.The dust concentration per meter on the working face of dry drilling operation without dust prevention measures.Hundreds or thousands of milligrams.When there is no dustproof measure in the underground crushing chamber, the dust concentration is per meter.Thousands of milligrams.

The comprehensive dust control technology of mining dust removal is mainly spraying dust removal.According to the characteristics of dust source, wet dust control measures such as drenching, spraying, spraying and covering are adopted respectively.If the application of wet dust control or the application of wet dust control fails to meet the required standards, mechanical dust control or combined mechanical dust control and wet dust control should be adopted.Mechanical dust removal equipment should suit mine characteristics, require simple structure, compact body, easy to move, damp proof and durable.Personal protection is required when the integrated dust control measures in each operation process still fail to meet the requirements.

Mine raw material crushing system bag dust collector to raw material mine, block mine and other raw materials such as limestone, dolomite, bauxite, raw coal input port?Sealing device or dust collection cover shall be installed at the outlet, upper part of the vibrating screen, and transfer point of belt conveyor, etc., and double sealing cover shall be provided at the transfer point.

Producing dust equipment in sealed envelope, or making small dust collecting room, uniform enclosure forming negative pressure and avoid dust to escape, or by exposure to form suction trap air suction hood, will be exposed to dust area control in narrow range, with dust air suction trap siphoned off, and after purification by filter through the vent (or stack) discharged into the atmosphere.

Dust removal measures shall be taken for the dump trucks on the tank and the quantitative feeding station under the tank where the mixture is mixed.The dust produced by the dump car on the tank can be made by moving the air vent slot or a vehicle-borne dust collector, or a large capacity airtight cover.Double - layer airtight cover is suitable for dust produced by quantitative discharge device under tank.Separate dry dust removal system should be set up for dust removal in mixing batching tank.


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