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Technical Measures for Application of Bag Dust Collector

Nov. 29, 2019

1. Hygroscopic and deliquescent dust Hygroscopicity and deliquescent dust are easy to absorb moisture on the surface of the filter cloth, or become a viscous liquid after deliquescence, which makes it difficult to remove dust, increase pressure loss, and even force bag type dust collector to stop operating. In this case, what are the measures to deal with hygroscopic and deliquescent dust? PPC Bag Type Dust Collector Manufacturer will come to tell you.

① Use a lint-free and lint-free filter cloth. Such as the use of felt filters. Surface treatment should be performed. The selection principles are: a. Chemical fiber is better than glass fiber, puffed glass fiber is better than general glass fiber; thin, short, and crimp fiber is better than thick, long, and smooth fiber; b, felt is better than fabric. Needle-punching is used to strengthen the entanglement between fibers. The satin fabric is the best in the fabric, and the brushing on the surface of the fabric is also a measure to improve the abrasion resistance. Abrasiveness. For glass fiber filters, silicone oil, graphite, and PTFE resin treatment can improve wear resistance and folding resistance.

② The off-line cleaning operation system should be adopted. In the stop working time, fully remove the dust on the surface of the filter cloth.

③ The bag filter should not be operated continuously regardless of the operation of the dust source facilities. The bag filter should be operated only when the dust source facilities are operated. When dust is accumulated on the filter cloth, moisture-containing air should not be allowed to pass through. The exhaust gases of many dryers and sintering furnaces are mostly high-temperature and high-humidity gases. When the bag filter is stopped, the temperature drops and the humidity rises, which makes it easy to absorb moisture. For this reason, a small hot air generator should be installed on the dust removal equipment. In this way, when the operation of the dust source device is stopped, hot air can be sent to keep the internal temperature of the bag filter in its original state. The pre-coating method is adopted, that is, in the case of local dust collection with a low dust concentration, a layer of other powder can be pre-coated on the filter cloth, that is, the other powder is only supplied to the pipeline, and after a period of operation, A layer of this kind of dust is attached to the filter cloth, and then the wet dust to be collected is collected.

2. Dust-containing gas containing tar mist It is difficult to treat the gas containing only tar mist with a bag filter, but it can be filtered when the oil mist in the gas is not large and the dust content is quite large. For example, in the asphalt concrete plant, the smoke from the stone dryer is the main source, and the dust from the conveyor and other exhaust gases enter the Bag Type Dust Collector. At the mixer and unload the finished product. The tar mist generated by the heated asphalt concrete also entered the Bag Type Dust Collector. In this case, the amount of dust accumulated on the filter cloth far exceeds the amount of oil mist, which can prevent the trouble of oil mist sticking and ensure the stable operation of the bag filter.

In the production of electrodes, molded carbon products, etc., tar mist is also generated in the process of mixing powder into the thermal adhesive. At this time, if the main purpose is to deal with the dust generated during crushing and transportation, only a part of the tar mist can be used. However, if there is more tar in the flue gas in the coke tank on the tail tar furnace, a suitable amount of coke powder should be added to the coke mist before the flue gas enters the dust collector to obtain satisfactory results.

Bag Type Dust Collector

Bag Type Dust Collector

3. High-dust-concentration gas For the treatment of high-dust-concentration gas, a cyclone or gravity precipitator can be installed as pre-dust, but this will increase the resistance of the system and increase the power consumption. Therefore, when the classification of dust or finished materials is not required, most of them use bag dust collectors directly.

Not all bag filters can handle gas with high dust concentration. Only bag filters with a wide separation between the filter bags and a continuous dust removal device in the form of a filter on the outside of the bag are suitable for processing gases with a high dust concentration.

When handling high dust content, the structure of the bag type dust collector should try to make the dust fall directly into the ash hopper or add some baffles to reduce the amount of dust attached to the filter bag; to prevent friction damage to the filter cloth, you should not The dust moving at high speed directly hits the filter cloth.


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