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Paint room catalytic combustion equipment

Dec. 19, 2018

Catalytic combustion is a purification method to oxidize and decompose combustible materials in waste gas at lower temperature.Therefore, catalytic combustion is also called catalytic chemical transformation.Due to the catalyst accelerated the process of oxidation decomposition, most of the hydrocarbons in 300 ~ 450 ℃ temperature, through the catalyst can be oxidized completely.

Compared with thermal combustion, catalytic combustion requires less auxiliary fuel, low energy consumption and small size of equipment and facilities.However, the widespread and application of this method in industrial production is affected by the poisoning of the catalyst used, the high cost of replacing the catalytic bed and cleaning.

In the chemical reaction process, using the catalyst to reduce the combustion temperature and accelerate the complete oxidation of toxic and harmful gases, known as the catalytic combustion method.As the carrier of catalyst is made of porous materials, has a larger specific surface area and appropriate aperture, organic gas when heated to a temperature of 300 ~ 300 ℃ by catalytic layer, oxygen and organic gases adsorption in porous materials on the surface of the catalyst, increases the chances of oxygen and organic gases contact collision, increased activity, organic gas and oxygen to produce severe chemical reaction and formation of CO2 and H2O, and generate heat, so as to make the organic gas into harmless gas.

The catalytic combustion unit is mainly composed of heat exchanger, combustion chamber, catalytic reactor, heat recovery system and exhaust chimney for purifying flue gas, as shown in the right figure.The principle of purification is as follows: before entering the combustor, the unpurified gas is preheated through the heat exchanger before being sent to the combustor. The reaction temperature is reached in the combustion chamber. The oxidation reaction is carried out in the catalytic reactor.

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