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Dedusters for thermal power plants

Sep. 17, 2018

Power plant dust collector is a kind of cloth bag dust collector which USES the bag filter element made of fiber fabric to collect the solid particles in the gas containing dust.

Working process of dust collector in thermal power plant:

After the dusty gas enters the entrance of bag-type dust collector, it enters into each unit chamber through the flow guide tube. Under the action of the flow guide device, after the large particle dust is separated, it directly falls into the ash hopper.As the filtering condition goes on, when the dust in the surface area of the dusting bag reaches the thickness, the lifting valve will be closed by the dedusting control device (differential pressure or timing, manual control) according to the set procedure, the current unit will be offline controlled, and the electromagnetic pulse valve will be opened to spray and shake off the dust on the filter bag.The dust falling into the ash hopper is discharged through the unloading valve and then sent out by the ash handling system.

The quality of dedusting filter material directly affects the dedusting efficiency of the deduster and the service life of the filter bag directly affects the operation cost of the deduster.According to the operating environment and medium of the dust collector at the end of the boiler, choosing suitable filter material is the key to guarantee the performance of the dust collector.To be equipped with a good dust collector, first of all, we should choose filter materials with good permeability, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and suitable for field process requirements (such as temperature, chemical erosion, etc.).If the filter material is selected improperly or the quality of processing is poor, hydrolysis, acidolysis, high temperature, film peeling, filter bag rupture, etc.

Most engineering practice shows that it is feasible to use bag-type dust collector for the exhaust gas treatment of boilers in thermal power plants. It has high efficiency of dust removal, low one-time investment, small footprint of equipment (relative to the electrostatic precipitator above four electric fields), low operation cost and discharge charge.Especially in recent years, due to the development of manufacturing technology, the corrosion, wear and other problems of filter bags have been effectively solved, providing a strong guarantee for the use of dust remover.In addition, as the operation, fault and abnormal diagnosis of dust remover are all automated monitoring and management, and its operation and management are relatively simple, dust remover in thermal power plant has been widely used in power plant, mining, metallurgy, chemical, cement, pharmaceutical, food and other industries as environmental purification and product recovery equipment.


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