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Pharmaceutical Chemical Industry

Sep. 17, 2018

Dust collector is a dedusting equipment, which is suitable for dedusting and cleaning in pharmaceutical and food industries.The basic structure consists of stainless steel box, centrifugal fan, stainless steel dust hood, cloth bag (or filter) filter, dust collector and microcomputer controller etc.

The dust cover equipped with the mobile dust collector can be adjusted up and down according to the requirements of use, with left and right 360 degrees rotating. The four universal casters can move and lock in any direction. The fixed dust collector is connected with an external pipe for centralized dust removal.Users can use mobile or stationary precipitators according to the actual situation of the workshop.The dust collector of pharmaceutical factory is very suitable for collecting dust in each independent dust producing point and treating in place to guarantee the clean degree of air effectively.

Pharmaceutical dust remover has the following characteristics:

Bright and clean appearance, reasonable structure without dead Angle, easy to clean, high efficiency of dust removal (99.9% efficiency for 0.3um dust), adaptable, light and flexible, stable work, can be used in various occasions for dust recovery.

Dust remover is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, electronics, machinery, metallurgy, ceramics and cement industries.


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