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The Basic Introduction About Air Box Pulse Bag Type Dust

Oct. 12, 2019

PPC Air Box Pulse Bag Type Dust is composed of an upper box body, a box, an ash bucket, diversion pipe, bracket, filter bag assembly and blowing device and conveying system etc.. According to a separate arrangement, a column for a bucket. The filter bag size is φ 130mm; the upper end of the filter bag adopts a spring expansion ring; the sealing performance is good; the bag change is convenient and fast; each filter bag is provided with a carbon steel bag cage.

Air Box Pulse Bag Type Dust

Air Box Pulse Bag Type Dust

PPC air box pulse bag dust collector structure:

PPC air box pulse bag filter using many proprietary technologies, these proprietary technologies have been recognized by the design institutes, experts. The following points are shared by Long Bag Off-Line Pulse Duster Manufacturer:

1) off-line valve system greatly solves the dust: “ two ”

2) offline valve device: solve the problem of bag filter overhaul.

3) easy to clean filter media application technology: improve the dust removal equipment ash removal effect.

4) electromagnetic pulse valve application technology: high efficiency, long life diaphragm electromagnetic pulse valve application, so that bag dust precipitator way of cleaning has been completely changed.

5) the application of PLC programmable controller ensures the automatic control of the dust collector as the main operating equipment of the dust removal system.

The operation of a series of technologies has ensured that the dust collector produced by our company has the first-class technology, excellent price performance ratio and high market competition ability.

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