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Product Maintenance Of Bag Filter

Jul. 31, 2019

1. Always check the operation of control valves, pulse valves, and timers.

The failure of the pulse valve rubber diaphragm is a common fault of the Bag Type Dust Collector, which directly affects the cleaning effect. The equipment belongs to the external filter type, and the skeleton is installed in the bag. It is necessary to check whether the parts of the fixed filter bag are slack and whether the tension of the filter bag is appropriate. Whether the support frame is smooth to prevent wear of the filter bag. The cleaning is done with compressed air. Therefore, it is required to remove oil mist and water droplets, and the oil-water separator must be cleaned frequently to prevent malfunction of the moving mechanism and blockage of the filter bag.

2. Handle air volume and pressure and temperature at each test point to match the design.

3. The installation of the filter bag, whether there is a bag drop, loose mouth, wear and the like after use, can be visually judged after the discharge of the chimney after commissioning.

4. Prevent condensation

In use, it is necessary to prevent the gas from cooling below the dew point in the bag chamber, especially when using a bag filter under negative pressure. Because the outer casing often leaks air, so that the gas temperature in the bag chamber is lower than the dew point, the filter bag will be damp, so that the dust is not loose, but sticks to the filter bag, and the fabric holes are blocked, resulting in clear The ash fails, so that the pressure drop of the dust collector is too large to continue to operate, and some of the glue bags can not be dusted.

To prevent condensation, it is necessary to keep the temperature of the gas in the dust collector and its system above the dew point of 25 ~ 35 ° C (such as the dew point temperature of the kiln mill is 58 ° C, the operating temperature should be above 90 ° C), ensure the good use of the filter bag.

Bag Type Dust Collector


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