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How To Cool The Bag Type Dust Collector?

Apr. 24, 2019

1. Bag Type Dust Collector the medium for cooling high-temperature flue gas can use low-temperature air or water. Some cool air and water can be cooled. Whether it is cold air or water cooling, it can be directly cooled. It can also be indirectly cooled. These are cold air that can help the flue gas. The cooling and then the descent is warm.

A range of cooling methods are available, all of which are characterized by the use of dust collectors with varying temperatures and uses.

2, You can be appropriate to add some low-temperature flue gas, if the temperature of the gas in the same dust removal system is inconsistent, a good way is to first add a part of the low-temperature gas to the high temperature, so that the cold air gas mixture can be added without interruption Let the temperature in the Air Box Pulse Bag Type Dust not be too high.

3. There is another method for the precipitator to cool down, that is to install the cold air valve. The suction cooling valve after installing the cold air valve can be used to prevent the high smoke gas from entering the bag filter before the bag filter exceeds the specified temperature. The cold air valve is a butterfly valve with an adjustment function. One end is connected to the high temperature pipeline, and one end is open to the atmosphere. The regulating valve is operated with an automatic high temperature signal to control the amount of air drawn into the flue system so that the flue gas temperature is lowered and adjusted within the range.

Bag Type Dust Collector


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