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Development History Of Bag Filter

Sep. 05, 2019

Bag dust removal is an older dust removal technology. It was applied as early as the 1880s. At that time, only some hanging bags were used, such as Bag Type Dust Collector. And the work efficiency was low. In 1881, the mechanical vibration dust bag filter of the Betch plant in Germany began commercial production. In 1954, HJHersey invented the reverse spray type blowing ring cleaning technology, which enabled the bag filter to achieve continuous operation of dust removal and cleaning, the treatment volume was increased several times, and the pressure of the filter bag was stable. In particular, the pulse-jet (pulse) bag filter invented by TVReinauer in 1957 is considered to be a major discovery of bag-type dust removal technology. It not only operates and cleans continuously, but also reduces the pressure loss of the filter bag. Increased, and there are no moving parts inside, the filter cloth has a longer life and a simple structure. After the 1970s, the bag filter technology was developed to a large scale. In the United States, Japan, Australia and Europe, combined with large-scale industrial production, large bag filters have been developed for use in coal-fired power stations, dry cement kiln kiln tails and electric furnace dust removal. A single filtration area of more than 10,000 m2 is not rare.

Bag Type Dust Collector

Bag Type Dust Collector

Foreign coal-fired power plants have already popularized bag-type dust removal technology. In 1996, the output value of bag-type dust collectors in Japan reached 35.344 billion yen. The key point is that the service life of bag filter media cannot meet the requirements. According to the level of foreign countries in 1992, the service life of bag-type dust removal filter for coal-fired power plants is as high as 5-6 years. Relevant authorities believe that if the filter life of the bag filter used in domestic coal-fired power plants is 3 years, there will be promotion value; China's thermal power generation has 2*108kW installed capacity, and the filter material is 0.8m2 according to 1kW installed capacity. Calculate, if 50% of the units use bag filter, the matching filter material will need 8*107m2, which is quite considerable. In 1997, the output value of Gas Bag Dust Collector China has reached 1.292 billion yuan, and the fiber filter material is about 6*106 m2. This shows that the output value of bag filter in China is developing rapidly and the market potential is very large.

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