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How The Bag Filter Works?

Sep. 24, 2019

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Bag Type Dust Collector

Bag Type Dust Collector

Reduce the haze weather, protect the atmospheric environment, the joint efforts of waste gas emission enterprises and dust collectors, and improve the development of dust collectors to reduce smog weather and create blue sky and white clouds and green mountains and green waters. Currently the Bag Type Dust Collector on the market is only a dust collecting effect. For the harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide in the flue gas, there is no processing function. After the 18th National Congress, the environmental protection regulations are increasingly perfect, which requires the bag filter manufacturer to liberate. Ideas, innovation and progress, the development of new bag filter, in order to cope with the increasingly complex exhaust gas treatment.

Various dust collectors have been widely used in various industrial sectors to capture dust and volatiles from industrial production and to capture dust particles up to 0.1 micron. However, when it is used to treat gases containing water vapor, condensation should be avoided. The bag type dust removal has high purification efficiency, and the efficiency of collecting fine dust is also more than 99%, and the efficiency ratio is high. The bag filter box is well sealed, the box body is airtight, and the inspection door is designed with excellent sealing material, which has a low air leakage rate. The outlet duct of the equipment and the inlet duct of the equipment are arranged compactly, and the airflow resistance is small. The dust collector is cleaned by sub-chamber air blowing, has a long cleaning cycle, low consumption, and the service life of the filter bag and the life of the valve plate are high. This kind of dust removal equipment is convenient for maintenance, and the equipment can be repaired without stopping the machine, and the equipment will not be delayed for normal work.

Compared with other types of bag filter, the mechanical shocking mine bag filter has the advantages of reliable operation, simple structure and convenient design and manufacture. Therefore, rice processing and production enterprises usually use it to carry out secondary purification treatment of dust-containing gas. It consists of a gas distribution box (upper box), a dust box (lower box), a middle box (connecting the upper and lower boxes, a built-in bag), and a cleaning device. The working principle of the mine bag filter is: after the dusty gas enters the gas distribution box, it immediately enters the bag of the middle box, and the dusty gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the hole of the cloth fabric, and the dust particles are retained in the cloth fabric. On the surface, most of the dust particles slowly settle to the dust box under the action of gravity, and a small part of the dust particles adhere to the inner surface of the cloth fabric. After a period of time, the motor passes through the reducer, the coupling and the screw mechanism. Driving the up and down movement of the cleaning frame forces the bag to compress and the like, causing the dust particles adhering to the inner surface of the bag fabric to fall and fall into the dust box. The dust particles in the dust box are collected through the funnel and excluded from the machine.

The thickness of the dust layer that is retained on the surface of the bag of the dust remover gradually becomes thicker with the passage of time, hindering the passage of the dust-containing gas, causing a sharp drop in the filtration resistance, which seriously affects the normal use of the bag filter. Therefore, the bag filter must be properly cleaned to ensure its normal use. According to the different methods of cleaning, the bag filter can be roughly divided into a mechanical shock bag filter, a reverse air bag filter, and a pulse bag filter. Therefore, after the dusty gas of the dust-containing gas passes through the cyclone, the coarse particles (greater than 20 micrometers) are collected by the cyclone and collected, and then directly mixed into the powder. After the exhaust gas (coarse-purified gas) is further removed by mechanical shocking the mine bag filter to reduce fine particles (less than 20 microns), the total dust removal efficiency can reach more than 95%, and the collected fine particles can be directly used after being mixed into the powder. The purified gas has a dust concentration of less than 0.1 milligrams per cubic meter and meets the specified sanitary standards. It can be directly discharged into the atmosphere or returned to the production workshop for recycling.

This kind of dust collector is widely used, and it is suitable for use in various fields, especially for heavy industry enterprises. It is suitable for heavy industry enterprises such as dust removal equipment, building materials industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, machinery industry, light industry, power industry, etc. The dust removal device in the dust is used.

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