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What Structure Does the Ceramic Cyclone Dust Collector Consist Of?

Jun. 03, 2019

Gas collecting hood

The capture of contaminants usually refers to the control and collection of contaminant-containing gas streams emitted from the open parts of the equipment. Through the effective collection of pollutants, to ensure a good production and living environment around, as much as possible, the amount of gas transported and purified is relatively small, and the efficiency is relatively high. The gas collecting hood is a device for trapping pollutants, and its performance has a direct impact on the technical and economic indicators of the local exhaust gas purification system.


Pipelines are an integral part of the Ceramic Cyclone Dust Collector. The piping system is used to transport the airflow in the purification system, and the equipment and components of the system are connected together through the pipeline. Reasonable design, construction and use of piping systems not only maximizes the effectiveness of the control unit, but also directly relates to the economic rationality of design and operation.

Purification equipment

Gas purification equipment is a core part of the purification system. When the pollutant content in the exhaust gas exceeds the emission standard, it must be purified first, and then discharged to the atmosphere after reaching the discharge standard.


A ventilator is a power unit that purifies the flow of gas in a system. Fans are generally placed behind the purification equipment to prevent wear and corrosion of the ventilator.


The chimney is the exhaust of the purification system. Since the purified gas still contains a certain concentration of pollutants, these pollutants are discharged through the chimney, diffused and diluted in the atmosphere, and finally settled to the ground. In order to ensure that the concentration of ground pollutants does not exceed the ambient air quality from the standard, the chimney must have a certain height. In addition, in order to ensure the normal operation of the exhaust gas purification system, necessary auxiliary equipment is often added to the purification system depending on the object to be cleaned. For example: cooling device for treating high temperature gas, waste heat utilization device, pipe compensator for satisfying thermal expansion and contraction of steel, explosion-proof device for conveying flammable and explosive gas, and various valves for adjusting system air volume and pressure balance Measuring instruments, control instruments and measuring holes for measuring various parameters in the system, brackets for supporting and fixing pipes and equipment, and sound-absorbing devices for reducing fan noise.

Ceramic Cyclone Dust Collector


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