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Six Benefits Of A Flat Bag Duster

Aug. 09, 2019

The Flat Bag Duster has a good performance advantage in the dust removal project. The flat bag filter has the advantages of high dust removal efficiency, low energy consumption, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, compact structure, low investment cost, stable operation and large air volume. It can produce good dust removal effect according to certain standards and performance, and fully demonstrate its performance value.

Flat Bag Duster

Flat Bag Duster

The use of mechanical vibrating flat bag filter can solve six obstacles that the round bag filter is difficult to cross:

1. Adapting to the large-scale demand of Bag Type Dust Collector, it is one of the most important performances of mechanical vibrating flat bag filter to improve technical and economic indicators. The most basic requirement for large-scale is that the bag dust collector has a small footprint, and the flat bag filter has a footprint that is about 4 times smaller than the round bag filter. This is to reduce the filter speed and select The ideal dust removal performance of the thicker ash layer and longer cleaning cycle creates conditions. The ash layer contains a desulfurizing agent with incomplete reaction, so it is about 10% higher than the desulfurization rate of the electric bag filter.

2. Solved the problem of cleaning the high temperature bag filter. Some dusty fumes are extremely fine, and have adhesiveness and high humidity. The dust not only sticks to the inner and outer surfaces of the bag, but also penetrates into the vent hole to block the vent hole, which is very difficult to remove. The mechanical vibrating flat bag dust collector has a powerful explosive method, and the cleaning is even and thorough. A simple low-pressure anti-wind assist mode is adopted, and a small amount of low-pressure anti-wind is taken in when the chamber is shut down, which can ensure that the cleaning chamber is in a reverse wind state, and the ash layer on the surface of the bag is inflated and gasified, thereby reducing the adhesion with the filter cotton. It is very advantageous to reduce the temperature of the chamber and remove dust with a high moisture content.

3. The mechanical vibrating flat bag dust collector mainly uses the glass fiber dust-removing cloth bag which is resistant to high temperature and tension as the dust filter material, which exerts the advantages of the glass fiber and avoids its disadvantages. The reformed mechanical vibration flat bag dust collector has the advantages of high dust removal efficiency and long service life of the bag filter, which significantly improves the technical level and economic benefits of high temperature dust removal.

4. The use of vertical flower panels, horizontally tensioned outer filter flat bag combined into a modular module, filtered dust without any obstacles to the ash. The bag of the round bag filter is installed vertically on the horizontal flower board, so the bag is relatively slack, and the dust in the bag of the bag, the bottom of the bag, the outside of the bag or the wrinkles in the bag must be cleaned by professionals. . The flat bag is horizontally drawn closer to the horizontal flower board, smooth and without twists and turns, so there is no jam or pile of dust. And the mechanical impact of the vibrating ash is explosive and the ash is quick, so there is no need to consider the problem of ash.

5. Clean energy is highly efficient for dust removal of dust removal equipment. There is no mechanical wear on the surface of the bag, which guarantees the integrity of the bag and improves the service life of the bag.

6. The cloth bags inside the flat bag filter are arranged in an orderly manner, and the air flow of the bag filter is kept stable, so the resistance is small and the maintenance is convenient. No wrinkles and even ash, the bag filter has a dedicated air flow path, and the air flow is smooth.

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