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Design Principle Of Flat Bag Duster A

Jan. 31, 2019

(l) Selection of the form of the Flat Bag Duster

a) The form of the dedusting system is selected based on the equipment distribution, process and operation system, and dust generation and emission conditions of the production process, based on the flat section of the process to determine the location of the inhalation point.

b) The Single-Machine Bag Duster can be divided into: the local type where the dust collector is directly placed on the dust-producing equipment; the pumping of one or several dust-producing points in the same process flow is combined into a system-distributed type; The dust-producing points or the dust-producing points of the whole workshop are all concentrated in one system. The casting workshop is usually a decentralized dust removal system. The working principle of the system is to use some dust-collecting dust and pipes with dust collectors. The fans are connected, and the negative pressure caused by the fan sucks the dust into the dust removal system, and the gas is purified by the dust remover.

c) The dust-producing equipment in the following cases shall not be connected to the same dust-removing system: those who have a risk of burning or blasting after mixing; the nature of the variety is different, and the recycling will affect the recycler; the dusty gas with different temperature and humidity, After mixing, it may cause condensation in the pipeline condensation; due to different dust properties, the dust removal efficiency is different when sharing a dust removal device.

Flat Bag Duster


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