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Gas Bag Dust Collector, Pulse Single Bag Dust Collector

Mar. 14, 2019

There are many types of dust collectors, such as multi-tube dust collectors, Gas Bag Dust Collector, water mist dust collectors, cyclone dust collectors, bag dust collectors, etc., which are important equipments in the development of industrial production, which not only reduce environmental pollution, but also reduce the harm to human body. Great improvement in the industrial production environment. Regardless of the type of dust collector, pay attention to the following issues after use.

1. To prevent dust adhesion and corrosion, let the dust collector continue to run for a period of time after the dust removal operation, until the Pulse Single Bag Dust Collector is completely replaced by clean air, then stop the dust collector operation.

2. Eliminate the dust attached to the inner cylinder, the outer cylinder and the blade, and remove the dust in the ash bucket.

3. Repair perforations caused by wear and corrosion if necessary.

4. Check the airtightness of each part and replace the sealing element if necessary.

5. Routine maintenance of the fan in accordance with the instructions in the dust collector's instruction manual.

Gas Bag Dust Collector


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