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The Importance Of High Voltage Electrostatic Precipitator To Wood Factories

Jul. 19, 2019

Wood factories produce a lot of dust during production. If this problem is not solved, the safety and health of workers will not be guaranteed. Below we share some knowledge about the characteristics of High Voltage Electrostatic Precipitator.

We use high-tech dust removal technology and equipment to ensure long-term stable operation of the dust removal system, and the exhaust gas meets the requirements of relevant national and local standards. The project investment and equipment operation cost are reduced as much as possible, and the equipment is easy to be repaired and maintained. When the dust removal system is in operation, the dust is not controlled to a large extent, the plant pollution is reduced, and the ambient air is greatly improved. Ensure that production is not affected during construction and installation. Recalibrate all pressure sensors once a year and overhaul the pulse cleaning air compressor. Also check all valves, flower boards, inspection doors, filter bags, pulse cleaning control devices and pipes of the wood bag filter in the planned downtime. .

The wood factory dust collector will use the plastic vacuum hose to connect the production equipment according to the dust characteristics of the production plant, the workshop site and the equipment layout, so that the dust suction pipe does not affect the operation of the production equipment, and can also carry the dust containing wood chips. The air is sucked to the dust removal system and discharged after being treated and purified.

High Voltage Electrostatic Precipitator


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