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What Is The Working Principle Of The Pulse Controller?

Aug. 12, 2019

The Intelligent Pulse Controller adopts industrial grade chip as the control core; there is obvious setting mark on the printed circuit board, which can conveniently set the control instrument; the output side of the control unit is provided with working instructions of each output point, which can quickly judge the output point. State; the control unit is equipped with a manual operation button, which can conveniently carry out debugging and running operation of the device; the pulse controller adopts waterproof housing structure, with waterproof joint, can be used in outdoor and dust environment; and the pulse controller is equipped with pluggable The special terminal for the printed circuit board can be easily wired.

Intelligent Pulse Controller

Intelligent Pulse Controller

The output of each output terminal controls the opening of the electromagnetic pulse valve, the compressed air is blown off, and the light-emitting diodes display the blowing sequence. When the dust collector is cleaned, the filter is sprayed and cleaned while filtering, and the pulse controller outputs an electric signal according to the set pulse width and pulse interval to control the pulse valve to spray the cleaning one by one.

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