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Sealing Structure Of Pulse Controller Of Pulse Bag Filter

Jun. 12, 2019

The Pulse Controller Of Pulse Bag Filter sealing cover completely encloses the pollution source, so that the diffusion of harmful substances is confined in a small confined space, and a sufficient air-discharging disk is used to generate a negative pressure inside the cover to ensure that harmful substances are not from certain holes. The mouth and the gap escape. Some of the equipment itself is sealed, and it is only necessary to connect the exhaust duct as required, such as the drum screen, cleaning and rolling.

According to the installation form, the closed cover is divided into two types: fixed type and mobile type. For example, the closed cover of the old belt conveyor is fixed, and the closed cover of the large falling machine is moved.

According to the degree of airtightness, the airtight cover is divided into a partial airtight cover, a whole airtight cover, and a large-volume closed cell.

The partial airtight cover is to partially seal the dusting point of the equipment, and the process equipment is exposed outside the airtight cover, such as the blanking point of the belt conveyor. The volume of the partial airtight cover is small, and is suitable for a dust source with a small dust-producing airflow speed and concentrated, continuous dusting and short-time supercharging.

The whole airtight cover is to seal most of the equipment or place where the dust is generated, and only the transmission part of the equipment is left outside the cover. For example, the overall closed cover of the rolling simple screen is suitable for mechanical vibration, the dust area and the dust generating air flow speed are large. Dust source.

The large-volume sealed chamber is to seal the equipment or place where the dust is generated, such as the vibrating screen closed chamber. The sealed chamber has a large volume, which can buffer the dusty airflow and reduce the local positive pressure. It is suitable for dusting points, dusting area and dust generating airflow. Equipment that is fast and has frequent or regular replacement parts.

Pulse Controller Of Pulse Bag Filter


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