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HMC Single-machine duster

HMC series pulse single bag dust collector is a small bag type dust collector.

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  • HMC series pulse single bag dust collector is a small bag type dust collector. It has the advantages of high purification efficiency, good ash cleaning effect, small resistance, long life of filter bag, simple maintenance and safe and reliable operation. Widely used in metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemical, mining and other industries of various process systems dust removal and purification and recycling of materials.

    Structure description:

    HMC single pulse bag type dust collector by filter chamber, filter bag, net gas chamber, an ash bucket, flap valve, pulse blowing device, system fan, electric control box etc..

    Working principle: dusty gas from the bucket (or lower open flange) into the filter chamber, coarse particles directly into ash hopper or ash bin, finer particles of dust containing gas rose to the surface of the filter bag, the bag filter, dust retention on the surface of the filter bag, the gas after purification bag into the air purifying chamber, the the system fan is discharged into the atmosphere. With the continuous filtration, dust filter bag surface increases, cause the resistance of the equipment rises to the setting value (usually 1200Pa), time relay (or differential pressure controller) output signal, the controller starts to work, in order to open the pulse valve, the high-pressure compressed air through the nozzle spray nozzle for instantaneous speed into the bag, the bag suddenly reverse flow high speed expansion, fall off in the dust bag hopper attached table (or ashpit). The dust is discharged by the plate turning valve or the ash conveying mechanism. In the process of anti blowing ash cleaning, the single row filter bag is injected sequentially, and the other filter bags are still in the filtration state.


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