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Sep. 17, 2018

In the process of dedusting and ventilation design, choosing dedusters and fans of appropriate specifications is the key to achieve the design requirements for dedusting and ventilation. Meanwhile, the scale of investment and the cost of future use and maintenance are determined. Our company has the professional technical personnel, for many rubber factories over the years design and production of ventilation, dust removal system dedusting effect, reasonable structure, low operation and maintenance costs, three (anti-oil, waterproof, anti-static) dust cloth bag in the carbon black dust removal industry has been widely used.The dust collector in the rubber factory mainly includes: bag dust collector, carbon black bag dust collector, and can dust collector.Rubber factory, banbury mixer, mixing workshop dust catcher type of dust, soot cleaning method, filter bag, filter area and parameters of material selection is very important to dust removal effect, hebei providence, environmental protection company engaged in designing and manufacturing of rubber factory ventilation dust removal system of mixer, rubber mixing machine filter bag filter and the dust hood, dust collection pipeline design accumulated very rich experience in site operation, can effectively control in the process of rubber mixing carbon black dust and other dust spreading indoor, the working environment to avoid pollution.

Mixer produces in the process of feeding material dust and gas mask should be set above the feeding mouth set, and connected with the cloth bag dust collector, after collecting dust bag dust catcher, recycling will capture. Cloth bag dust collector at 99.9% efficiency, exhaust through the exhaust funnel (15 m) emissions, emissions can be up to standard. Rubber mixing workshop producing dust equipment is more, in order to improve the operation of the environment, protect workers' health of body and mind. Where there is smoke, heat also need to install ventilation hood, through the fan to the outdoors or chimney. Rubber factory of mixer dust collector structure:The dust collector consists of five parts: upper, middle and lower box body, ash discharging device and dust cleaning system.The upper box includes a lifting top cover and an air outlet.There are flower-plate and filter bag components in the middle box.There are ash hopper, air inlet and access door.The ash discharging device is rotary discharging valve.Blowing ash removal system is controlled by pulse meter, electromagnetic valve, spray torch and gas bag. Rubber factory bag deduster features: rubber factory mixer dust catcher maintenance cost is low, due to the structure design of advanced, reliable and high quality key-module, improve the reliability of the equipment, guarantee the long-term and stable operation of the dust catcher, maintenance cost is only about 70% of the average filter.Rubber mill filter bag with long service life and high quality filter bag and accessories, greatly extend the service life of filter bag.

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