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Special dust collector for electric furnace

Dec. 19, 2018

Electric furnace dust remover, melting furnace dust remover, intermediate frequency furnace dust remover is a small bag type dust remover designed by our company after digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology of similar products.The filter adopts the high pressure (0.3-0.5 MPa) large flow pulse valve detailed filter bag blowing ash removal technology, compared with other domestic stand-alone dust catcher, with clear grey kinetic energy is large, clear ash efficiency high characteristic, and small volume, light weight, simple and compact structure, easy installation, maintenance convenience (filter), is widely used in building material, metallurgy, mining, machinery, rubber, flour, chemical, coal, superfine powder of non-metallic mineral processing industries such as dust gas purification processing system, is the ideal equipment of environmental protection.

The dust gas of the special dust collector for electric furnace enters the filtration chamber through the inlet of the dust hopper. The dust is absorbed and collected by the filtration bag. The filtered clean gas enters the clean gas chamber and is then discharged by the fan through the outlet.Dust is adsorbed on the outer surface of the filter bag, and constantly increases, so that the resistance of the bag dust collector is constantly rising, in order to make the resistance of the equipment does not exceed 1200pa, it is necessary to regularly remove the dust on the filter bag.Soot is by the program controller timing sequence start pulse valve, gets bags of compressed air (0.3 0.5 Mpa) by spray torch hole injection (referred to as a wind) and induced several times in a wind (called a secondary air) into the surrounding air filter bag dust bag swelling in an instant, and accompanied by airflow reverse effect of shake off the dust, to achieve the purpose of ash removal.

Before the assembly of special dust remover for electric furnace, all processing wastes, such as metal chips and fillers, should be removed from the inside of each part.Remove all residue, rust and grease from inner and outer surfaces.Paint surface quality should meet the following requirements: · rust removal grade: 2.5· roughness: 40-65 microns · primer thickness: >100 microns · acid-resistant paint · transport protection paint thickness: 60-80 micm3 boiler bag dust remover equipment before packaging should be coated anticorrosive paint, in order to play a role in transportation storage.All paint should adopt domestic more advanced paint to plant, can adapt to local environment condition.

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