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Sep. 17, 2018

Furniture factory precipitator dust removal principle is introduced: woodworking equipment by dust removal system in the production of dust suction duct after collection, the adjusting disc valve, into the duct into the wood dust catcher, be trapped dust filter bag, clean gas through the filter bag, induced draft fan, chimney standards emissions to the atmosphere, which has reached the recycling of dust, the purpose of purifying waste gas, also can make the emission indexes meet the emission requirements.

Product features of dust remover in furniture factory:

Everybody knows, dust collector of furniture factory USES centralized processing system mostly, can save investment so, management is convenient.Woodworking machinery factory is in the process of production and processing will produce great dust concentration, seriously affect the carpentry workshop working environment, so my company according to the characteristics of carpentry workshop dust design produced a set of specially used in furniture factory production workshop dust catcher system, its structure is simple, compact, low steel consumption, the proportion of lighter fibrous dust, such as sawdust, shavings, asbestos powder, such as tobacco have higher ability to capture.

The dust collector of furniture factory has a higher gas efficiency in purifying the dust particles with the order of micron and submicron, which generally can reach more than 99%.The change of the concentration of dust-containing gas has little effect on the dedusting order and resistance of dust remover in the furniture factory.It can be designed and manufactured to meet the treatment requirements of dust-containing gases with different volumes of smoke.

Household dust remover can also be made into small, installed in the dust equipment or near the dust equipment, also can be installed in the vehicle to make mobile filters, this small, flexible bag dust remover is particularly suitable for hand dispersed dust source dust.The dust collector of furniture factory operates stably and reliably, without the problem of corrosion of sludge treatment, the operation and maintenance is simple.

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